What is Chakra Healing and the Power of Balancing Chakras in you ?

What is Chakra Healing and the Power of Balancing Chakras in you ?

The main idea behind Chakra Healing is to align them together by Balancing Chakras in the right order. According to ancient Buddhist philosophy Balancing Chakras is simply referring to the overall balance in the electro-magnetic energy system that is able to function at an optimal level when all the 7 Chakras are balanced together in harmony. The optimal impact of the system is reached when all 7 spinning vortices of universal energy running from the root chakra, found at the base of the spine and running all the way up the midline of the body and up to the crown chakra on the top of your head.


7 Balancing Chakras in harmony.
7 Balancing Chakras in harmony.

 The word Chakra comes from a Sanskrit word originating in the Hindu alphabet literally translated as “circular motion” however it’s almost always been translated as the “ vortex “. The Chakras represent different levels of consciousness, having to do with survival, channeling inner creativity, identity, love, self-expression, and transcendence. Each one of the energy centers has a special task and they all carry specific information like karma 

Chakra healing is needed when one or more of the chakras get out of balance due to a low vibration frequency that may come from worrying, fear, anger and other issues. In general, this has a very negative effect on people and can deplete the energy reserve of the person.

  What is Chakra Healing and How the healing power of Balancing Chakras may help you?

 Chakra 1 Red/Base of the Spine. The root chakra is tied to your survival instincts, and your connection to earth. Comfort and contentment with our earthly lives is rooted here. When our first chakra is working optimally, we feel grounded.

 Chakra 2 Orange/Beneath Navel. The sacral chakra carries lots of emotions. It is located in the reproductive region, so with that it carries the energy of creation – not just of a new life, but any creative expression. It is also tied to relationships and sex, power and money.

 Chakra 3 Yellow/Between Navel and Chest. The solar plexus chakra is located right in the “core” of our being. It is where we carry our feelings of self-worth and confidence, or lack thereof. It is also where we experience feelings such as “butterflies” or “listening to your gut.”

 Chakra 4 Green/Heart.This is the heart chakra. It is here that we hold our feelings of love and forgiveness. It radiates warmth, compassion and connection with others. Or, if it is not working up to par, it is because we’ve got stuck feelings of heartache and unforgiveness. It’s the hallway between the upper and lower chakras.

 Chakra 5 Blue/Throat. The throat chakra has a lot to do with speaking up for yourself. It is located in the throat/neck area and is related to your voice and your communication with others. It also houses concerns about others not hearing what you say, and your perception of your public representation of yourself.

 Chakra 6 Indigo/Brow, middle of forehead. Also called the third eye because it represents our spiritual sight. It helps us to see the big picture of situations in our lives. Through this we see much more than our five senses pick up.

 Chakra 7 Violet/Gold, White/Top of the head. Referred to as the crown chakra, this is our connection to “the Divine,” which may mean different things for different people.

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