Will you join me on our journey to enlightenment or be left out in the abyss?

Have you ever been on a verge of death, given a diagnoses with no hope or been told you may never have kids? Well, I have. I want to share my life journey with you and be a light of inspiration that can transform your world of abyss into a rich and colorful canvas full of joy and happiness.

I’ve had close encounters with death far too many times and climbed my way out of seemingly hopeless situations; a cancer diagnoses, rape and many years of pregnancy issues. My story is full of adventures since my birth in Russia in 1973, already fighting for survival because of oxygen deprivation. Shortly, after my first spoken sentences, early in my childhood at the age of 3, I got my appendix removed and couldn’t participate in many physical activities with other children……

However, I was always a warrior of light who eventually got what I wanted – a loving devoted husband that stands by me, since we met as two teenagers, who fell in love and that led to one happy marriage and a wonderful life abroad with two children. A large part of my success in getting what I wanted in life, I must attribute to my spiritual gifts. I am very thankful to be able to deliver and receive messages from the universe (clairvoyance), employ chakra healing techniques, channeling, Tarot readings and other methods like meditation.

My life journey extends as far as helping people achieve their life dreams and goals through my spiritual gifts. My vision is sharing spiritual abilities with my clients all over the world and it’s what drives me forward and it is beyond inspirational. My mission is to infect and inspire as many people around me with my positive energy and light. My actions prove this to be an ongoing mission that entails personal, spiritual and social transformation in my clients to achieve emotional healing, and empowerment.

I’m thankful to be blessed with spiritual gifts that help me share cosmic enlightenment with my clients by helping them deal their life struggles, finding their purpose in life, achieve life dreams and inspire them with my cosmic positive energy.