I’m thankful that my grand-grandmother! ♥

My awesome grand-grandmother turned 80 years old! ♥ She is in a great health, beautiful, generous, with an amazing sense of humor and a very good memory! I am grateful that I am a 4th generation card reader and intuitive healer. My lovely grandmother introduced me to Tarot and Angel cards, graphology, physiognomy, healing, mystical, prays and other spiritual teaching when I was 7 years old.During the school age I made predictions to my friends, teachers, strangers, and animals. My grand-grandmother lives in Warsaw, Poland now and I am in Toronto, Canada… and here I am following in their strong happy & spiritual footsteps. Today, she recommended me to open my own business and start professional fortune-telling… It’s my destiny and I KNOW I AM HERE to HELP people, I have to share my talents, energy, and open my heart with you…
What a blessing to be born in a family of healers and foretellers. I am grateful to have a grand-grandmother, mother, and father alive and be my fantastic spiritual teachers in my happy life. I love my relatives from my heart.
I’m thankful that my grand-grandmother has reached the age of 80 because at least she can continue to share her stories and wisdom with all of us in the family.(((♥)))

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  1. doreen says:

    that’s quite interesting, i believe in biblical issues. the issue of spiritual powers, i know that they are there. i would love to know whether i will ever have kids.

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